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Rather than spending ages Romeing around to find the best gelaterias, we’ve done the very laborious task of trying as much of the gelato as we possibly can whilst in Rome to report back to you our favourite five spots.

One thing to note when you’re on the hunt for gelato in Rome, don’t call it ice cream. It’s not a crime as such, but it might as well be. Ice cream is made with a lot of fat and air and is produced en masse. Gelato is freshly made in store using natural ingredients and fresh milk and cream compared to ice cream which might use powered alternatives.

Our top tip when trying to decide what flavour to choose is always try and choose a fruit that’s in season. You won’t regret it.

1. Freddo Gelato


One of the best things about Freddo Gelato is that you can see their lab where they make all their gelato! We loved being able to see the process and know it was 100% homemade and natural - there are no preservatives in their gelato. The flavours on offer are always seasonal but such a diverse mix, from raspberry and basil to pineapple and curcuma. Definitely worth a try!

2.  Neve Di Latte

Image: TripAdvisor/Lunaale 

Neve di latte is one of those gelaterias that leaves you wanting more. Their gelato has that perfect combination of creamy and smooth with irresistible flavours.  It might be slightly out the way (it’s close to Piazza del Popolo), but definitely worth a visit!

3. La Gourmandise


If you like to try adventurous flavour gelatos, this is your place. They mix different flavours such as ginger and lavender with natural ingredients which they source at the market located on a parallel street so you know it’s fresh! They even have a great selection of water based gelatos for those who are lactose intolerant as well as having a variety of gluten free options. They also use Maltese goat’s milk to make it lighter and more easily digestible!  

4. Fiordiluna

Image: TripAdvisor/Javi

There’s a reason Fiordiluna has been such a hit in the Trastevere neighbourhood for thirty years - they use minimal ingredients and sugar but the gelato still has an incredibly creamy texture. They work with small producers, using high quality and fresh ingredients including fruits that are in season. The best part, if you’ve had enough of having a gelato in a cone or a cup, you can grab this on in a brioche bun!

5. Fassi Gelateria

Image: TripAdvisor/Fassi Gelateria

Fassi Gelarteria has been serving gelatos, cakes and semifreddis since 1880 to five generations of not only ordinary citizens but kings too! Well if it’s good enough for a king, it's definitely good enough for us. Another place that also offers you to fill a brioche bun with all your favourite flavours. It’s worth trying at least once on your trip to Rome! If you want to try something totally different, we really recommend trying a sanpietrini. These are like little drops of heaven in the form of semi-frozen desserts covered in chocolate in the shape of the cobbless that make up Rome’s streets.