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On the surface it may seem like Dubai isn’t the most child-friendly holiday destination, but it’s actually one of our favourite places to take the kids because there are so many unique things to do! When it comes to travelling with kids, we know we need to be on top of everything, like having a backup plan (or a backup of the backup plan) if things go wrong or the kids change their minds. But when in you're in Dubai, you've nothing to worry about!

Dubai Mall - Great For All Ages

A visit to Dubai isn’t complete without visiting Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world! Now, don’t be fooled; Dubai Mall isn’t just full of shops. It’s also home to a range of activities and attractions for children and is a great place to escape the heat on a hot day.

There are so many things to do in this mall including a VR park, cinema and ice rink that will keep both you and your kids happy, but here are two of our favourites:

  • Trampo Extreme - what better way to blow off some energy than jumping around on trampolines all day at the biggest trampoline park in the UAE. You have the option to drop your kids off if you want some alone time or you can join in on the fun. With eight different jump and seven climbing activities there’s plenty of action to be had here. Prices start from £16.
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo - Dubai Mall is also home to a 10 million litre aquarium! Located on the ground floor, you can take your children to see over 140 species of fish, including sharks and rays! For some extra fun, they also have a submarine simulator and glass-bottom boats! Prices start from £33.

Waterparks - Great For All Ages

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Now, if we know anything about Dubai, it’s that it can get quite hot and a trip to the waterpark isn’t only fun, sometimes it’s a necessity. There are so many waterparks in Dubai to choose from, so below we’ve listed a couple of our favourite ones that are great for all age groups:

  • Wild Wadi - one of the most iconic waterparks in Dubai, Wild Wadi is the perfect place to entertain the whole family. If you have little ones, they can enjoy themselves with the water guns and racing slides, whilst your older kids can surf the waves or float down the lazy river. Day passes for children under 1.1 metres cost £30 and for those over 1.1 metres cost £40.
  • Atlantis Aquaventure - not only does Dubai have the biggest mall in the world, but it’s also home to the biggest waterpark, too! Located in the Atlantis The Palm hotel, Aquaventure is where the whole family can enjoy a day in the water. With over 30 waterslides and attractions, there is no better place to cool off and enjoy the day as a water-loving family. An Aquaventure Day Pass costs £50 (adults) and £45 (children).

Miracle Garden - Great For Kids Aged 3-11

If you’re looking for the perfect place to take your younger children, the Miracle Garden is an experience you can’t miss! Located near Motor City, Miracle Garden is the largest flower garden in the world. Covering more than 72,000 square metres it houses more than 50 million flowers! Take a wander through the garden and explore its different sections, such as the Giant Mickey Mouse, Disney Avenue, the Floral Clock and the Sunflower Field.

Since the Miracle Garden is so big, you can choose to explore it yourselves or book a guide who can take you to the best spots. General admission starts from £11 (adults) and £8 (children).

Aventura Parks - Great For Kids Aged 11-14

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If you have kids that love spending time adventuring outdoors, then Aventura Parks is right up their alley! Aventura Parks is an obstacle park where kids can zip-line, go rock climbing, and even jump through all sorts of different obstacles!

It offers a completely different experience in Dubai so be sure to take your kids here. General admission tickets allow your kids to spend three hours exploring all of the various obstacles on offer. Tickets are based on height and age. Prices start from £37 (children taller than 1.4 metres) and £30 (children shorter than 1.4 metres).

No matter if it’s your first or fifth time heading to Dubai with your kids, one thing’s for sure, there are endless activities and experiences for the whole family. From waterparks to flower gardens and even desert safaris, Dubai is one of the most family-friendly cities in the world and is definitely worth a visit.