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To Greek Island Or Not To Greek Island? When it comes to answering that question, the answer is always YES! The real question really is which Greek Island is the best one for your family. We’re going to unpack some of the popular Greek islands for you, one by one, and let you make up your own mind..

Rhodes - Great for culture:

If your family is interested in ancient history, look no further than Rhodes. It was the location of one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Colossus of Rhodes, an enormous statue of the Greek sun god Helios that once stood in the city of Rhodes and was thought to be the size of the Statue Of Liberty. Although the statue is no longer there after being destroyed in an earthquake in 226BC, there are plenty of sites of historical significance to explore as a family that are still standing today. The Acropolis Lindos, perched on a steep cliff with the incredible views down to the sea and the village of Lindos is not to be missed.

As is Ancient Kamiros is one of the oldest cities in the Greek Islands dating back to nearly 3,000 years old, a great cultural day out for the family.

Rhodes also has picture perfect beaches to help you relax after all that sightseeing. We love Rhodes!

Crete - Great for natural wonders:

Crete has many archaeological sites to get any mini-historian excited, like Knossos - the mythical home of King Minos and the Minotaur.

Bigger than Rhodes (by about 8 times), it’s an island jam packed with natural wonders for your family to enjoy. You can visit Dikteon Andron, the supposed birthplace of the greek god Zeus, this cave is said to be the most famous caves in Greece.

You can also explore Spinalonga Island, a former leper colony and an extraordinary example of rock formation.

And you can spend a leisurely day at The Voulismeni Lake, rumoured to be a bottomless lake (that is actually 210 feet deep).

The beaches in Crete, much like Rhodes, are breathtakingly beautiful. We call that a great family holiday!

Corfu - Best for The Durrells fans

This picture perfect Greek Island has found new fame after the success of the Netflix Series The Durrells. Known as particularly family-friendly, as well as being a foodie heaven, this has everything for parents and children alike. Some no miss activities include visiting Corfu Town, a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site, ideal for exploring with kids.

Also, try sailing to another Ionian island from Corfu, which is ideally located for island hopping. It will sure to be a day trip that the family will never forget!

Corfu is also famous for its cuisine, with many local dishes unavailable elsewhere in Greece. Back to sightseeing, another great family trip is to Achilleion Palace, a picturesque palace built for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

With many blue flag beaches what is there not to love about Corfu!

Zakynthos - Great for beaches

Home to the famous Navagio (shipwreck) beach, this island is one of the most popular destinations in the summer months. This beach is only accessible by boat and is sure to delight the whole family.

With so many beach options to choose from, you are spoilt for choice in Zakynthos. One of the most family-friendly beaches is Vasilikos beach with its long sandy beach and calm waters. There's also a beach bar on site which is always handy.

And if you want a break from all the playtime at the beach, head to Zakynthos Town for sightseeing and shopping, and explore the likes of the Venetian Castle on the hill above Zakynthos Town.

We've highlighted just a few of the Greek Islands here, and we can't choose between them. Why not just add them all onto your family's bucket list!