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During lockdown, our mission to delight customers continued in full force and we spent the weeks stuck at home creating activity packs for children to explore different countries from the comfort of their homes. They went down a storm with families saying that the activity packs were some of the best they’d seen and that they helped their children broaden their horizons even if they couldn’t step out of the door.

We have created 10 country themed activity packs, perfect for primary school aged children between 4 and 11 and we want to share them with you!

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Travel the world and learn at the same time. These packs contain loads of amazing facts, activities and recipes to keep your children engaged, occupied and learning.

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What's in the activity packs I hear you cry

Our packs have 5 sections full of fantastic things to keep your kids learning and engaged. Each pack provides hours of entertainment for your little ones and there's things even the whole family can do. Take a look below.


Read all about the history and culture of the destination. Find out about the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Mayans and Aztecs of Mexico, and all about the canals of Amsterdam.


We've created some great recipes you can make together with your kids that reflect the country. Learn how to make some of the tasty local treats and prepare your palettes for when we can travel again.


Learn where the country is and how to get there, how to draw the country flag, work out time zone differences and find words associated with the country in our fun word search.


Learn a few words or phrases to help you speak like a local. We'll tell you all about the different languages in the county and teach you how to say a few local words to help you get by when you visit.


It's time to get your kids making some really cool stuff using things you can find around the house. Have you always wanted to know how to make a Greek shield or a Dutch windmill? We'll show you how in our step by step creative guides.

Still not convinced? Download a sample pack here. We guarantee you and your kids will love them.

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