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I was really excited about going to New York. It's the amazing city, that everyone knows from the movies. My family's favourite Christmas film is Elf, so I really wanted to see the city myself. We visited New York this April for our family holiday with tripAbrood.

To get there, we flew with Virgin Atlantic. I liked the seats, they were super comfy. When we arrived in New York, we took a long taxi ride and it was exciting to see all the really tall buildings as we drove across the bridge to get to Manhattan.  

When we arrived at our hotel, The Soho Grand, there were some dogs in the reception area - not real ones! That was exciting as I love dogs. The hotel lets people take dogs and they also have a little park area for dogs. Our room was really high up and when we arrived in our room there was a nice note from tripAbrood saying they hoped we would have a great time. There was also a corner in the room full of drinks and chocolates, but mum said I wasn't allowed to have any, which was totally annoying!

On our first morning, we went to a massive restaurant called Balthazar, that Mum and Dad were excited to go to. We walked around the area we were staying in, called Soho, which is near to Little Italy and Chinatown and I took some photos. There were lots of interesting things to see, like flowers, shops and interesting buildings.

We headed next to Central Park for ice-creams and sat in the sun looking at the big buildings. We looked at the Donald Trump building and decided we didn't like it!

Mum and Dad asked me and my brother, Cooper, where we wanted to go next. In our house, we have a massive photo of a shop called Economy Candy - my dad took the picture when he went to New York - and I really wanted to go there. It's like a heaven of sweeties! There were all kinds of Jelly Beans. I chose toasted marshmallows, french vanilla, green apple, red apple and birthday cake.

Afterwards, we met up with some friends and played football in the park. There are lots of places for children to play in New York as there are a lot of football and basketball courts.

On our second day, we walked through Greenwich Village, which is a pretty area with lots of houses called Brownstones. There were lots of shops with beautiful balloons and flowers decorating them. We also saw a Coca-Cola van and a fire station.

Next, we walked along The High Line which is a really high walkway and you can see the river from there. It used to be a railway through the city, that took meat from different factories in the Meatpacking district to ships on the river.

At the end of the High Line, we walked along the waterfront until we came to the Intrepid Museum. The Intrepid is an aircraft carrier, with lots of planes to see. The best thing is the Space Shuttle. It is massive! Cooper and I played on a simulator where you had to land the shuttle and it was really hard!

After that, we went to the Rockefeller Centre. At the bottom, there is a rollerskating rink, that turns into an ice-skating rink at Christmas. I loved going to the Top of the Rock. We went up the lift which was amazing. You can see through the glass ceiling and it goes really fast to the top. There were 66 floors, and it only took 45 seconds to get to the top floor. It felt unbelievable at the top!

On our third day, we started with a big breakfast at The Soho Diner, in the hotel. The food was really huge and yummy. I had waffles and Cooper had pancakes. That gave us the energy for cycling around Central Park. I loved it though it was a bit cold!

Then we went to one of my favourite places on the edge of the park, The American Museum of Natural History. I loved it! Everything was in glass cabinets but it felt like everything was alive! It is way more exciting than you would think. That night at the hotel, we sat on the really big comfy bed and watched A Night at The Museum, when all the creatures and people in the cabinets come alive.

On day four, we went to Brooklyn which is across the river. It is quieter over there and I enjoyed being by the river and playing with the stones. We went to a massive place called Dumbo House which had yummy food and amazing views.

We then went to MOMA, which is the Museum of Modern Art where my mum wanted to go. I didn't really like it as I'd rather be drawing myself than looking at art. But my parents enjoyed it!

On our last day, we did some shopping. Cooper and I loved the big Nike Store and the Puma store with a giant trainer!

The last thing we did was one of my favourite things. We went to Escape Virtual Reality, where I chose four things. I loved the rollercoaster ride, which felt like you were going upside down - I felt quite dizzy! The scariest thing was Plank. When you got on it looked really high and then you had to step off!

We had an amazing time in New York. The hotel - The Soho Grand - was amazing with lovely big comfy beds and we could all watch movies together. And the food in New York was really amazing (even if I didn't really like the hot dogs).

My one piece of advice I would give other kids going to New York is not to moan about all the walking to your parents!

My 5 favourite things in New York:

1. The Intrepid Museum: An aircraft hanger where you can see the Space Shuttle, which is like a big rocket crossed with an aeroplane. And you can go in a simulator where you fly and land the Space Shuttle, which is impossible!

2. Museum of Natural History: Everything is in glass cabinets, but it felt like everything was alive! It's way more exciting than you think when people describe it to you.

3. Economy Candy: A sweetie-land! Like Heaven of sweeties! More sweets than you can ever imagine.

4. Escape Virtual Reality: The rollercoaster ride feels like you are going upside down and it makes you extremely dizzy.

5. Top Of The Rock: The best bit is the lift, which was amazing. You can see through the glass ceiling and it goes really fast to the top. There were 66 floors, and it only took 45 seconds to get to the top floor. At the top, it felt unbelievable!


Wren, 9, is tripAbrood's first Chief Kids Officer. Wren's family stayed at The Soho Grand, booked through tripAbrood. They flew with Virgin Atlantic, and used a Go City pass to visit the attractions. Photos by Wren and her mother, Caroline, all shot on a Samsung Flip.


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