All the latest inspiration and guidance for help you plan your next family hoilday

Right from its inception, tripAbrood has made customers a priority. We're all about bringing the fun back into preparing for family holidays and, with help from our AI travel assistant Skye, ensuring that planning those trips are as stress free as can be.

During lockdown, the world may have changed but our priority did not. We focused on continuing to delight our customers and voila - our activity packs were born. Each week, we released a pack themed around a different country to our mailing list. This gave kids the chance to learn about a different culture in a variety of really fun ways (while giving their parents a much needed break!) and we had incredible feedback from parents across the UK.

If you continue reading, you'll hear all about what's next for our activity packs and, as a bonus, you'll find a download link for our Netherlands pack. The rest of our lockdown packs are currently unavailable but if you sign up to our mailing list, you'll be the first to hear when we re-release them!

An overview of our Netherlands Activity Pack

Like all our country activity packs, our Netherlands pack is split into five sections:

  • History - A little introduction to Dutch history and culture with lots of fun facts
  • Taste - Some great Dutch recipes that you can make together as a family
  • Explore - Learn where the Netherlands are and plan how you’d make your way there
  • Talk - Spreek je Nederlands? Learn a few words of Dutch to help you speak like a local
  • Creative - Get creative - paint a portrait like Van Gogh and build your very own Dutch windmill

It was towards the end of lockdown that we released our Netherlands pack. At the time, it was the closest geographical country (to us in the UK) that we'd featured in a pack and our whole team loved learning more about a country so many of us had visited that was so close to home. It went down a treat with families and made us realise that these packs would really be a great resource for children and parents as the world began to open up again.

After some thought, we decided to dig deeper. Now, when you book some of our most popular destinations with us, you'll receive an In Trip Pack for your chosen city filled with activities designed to get your kids excited and learning both before you leave and once you arrive. You can read more about our In Trip Packs here.

For now, we'll leave you with a download link to our Netherlands pack but don't be a stranger - next time you're looking to find a fabulous family hotel, make sure to visit our site, we'd love to take you on your next trip-a-brood! :-)

Download here