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Last year, we ran a photography competition to find our perfect CKO (Chief Kids Officer) who would be the voice of children at tripAbrood and won £1000 of free family accommodation anywhere in the world. Luckily, we found our perfect CKO in 8 year old Wren.

After a tough couple of years where travel wasn't possible, we reached out to Wren to find out where was on her travel bucket list for 2022. Excited to explore the world again, two places immediately came to mind for Wren. One made her list because of the snakes (yes, you read that right!) and colourful wildlife, while the other has one of the biggest toy stores in the world.

Can you guess where Wren wants go?

Watch the videos below to see if you're correct.

Have you asked your kids where they'd like to travel in 2022? Let us know what they said!