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What is tripAbrood?
tripAbrood is a travel tech startup looking to make the process of researching and booking a family holiday as seamless as possible. We are doing this by creating a highly personalised virtual travel assistant, matching you to your perfect family holiday. Introducing tripAbrood's founder...

Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker
Hi there! My name is Alexa and I’m the CEO & Founder of tripAbrood, a travel tech startup based in London. As well as overseeing the business as a whole, I lead the commercial, go to market & operational areas of tripAbrood. Prior to founding tripAbrood, I was the European Head of Analytics at Bloomberg - the world’s leading financial data provider. I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart for 14 years now and together we have three precious children.

Culture and travel have always been a massive passion in my life. Being Cuban, Swedish and English, I’ve felt this constant desire to explore and understand different cultures. That led me to learn 4 languages growing up and ultimately inspired me to live and work all around the world. After studying Modern Languages at Oxford, I had the privilege of working in some amazing organisations across FMCG and Fintech. As my career evolved, I found myself running large Sales & Operational divisions that sold and scaled financial data solutions to the world’s largest financial institutions across both Europe and Asia. In fact, it was in Asia (Hong Kong) where I had two of my three children. I’m hugely grateful for all these experiences that have thrown me in the path of so many inspiring people and ultimately led me to do what I’m doing now with tripAbrood.

I remember the exact lightbulb moment when the concept of tripAbrood hit me. I’ll share more about this soon. In a nutshell, after our fair share of holiday disasters including cancelling a holiday in Portugal two hours before the flight as my daughter’s passport had expired (it’s a juicy story - be sure to read more on this one soon!) and unwittingly booking a self-catering apartment overlooking a cemetery on our big trip back to Asia, I became totally convinced that family travel should not be this hard. I did a ton of research speaking to families all over the UK to find out if it was just me who had this problem or if others faced similar challenges. After hearing too many similar stories from families who had given up on travelling with their kids entirely out of sheer frustration, I was determined to make family travel easier and embarked on the journey of founding tripAbrood.

Since then, we've raised multiple funding rounds, won awards like Startup Of The Year at the prestigious Travolution Industry Awards in 2020 and built an incredible team of people across tech, data, product and marketing, all of us determined to let technology do the hard work and empower families to have the most enriching holiday experiences possible. As well as the team, we have a number of advisors and board members who have deep industry experience and who are as excited as we are to make travelling as a family a whole lot easier.

During covid, I've found myself (alongside the rest of the team) locked down with a singular mission to create a human digital experience that matches families, with a high degree of certainty, to their ideal place to stay on holiday. And as travel markets start showing early signs of opening up, we're excited to help families all around the UK find their perfect place to stay on their next family holiday!