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I went to stay in London for a weekend with my Mum, my friend Caitlyn, and her mum. It was a great trip and I loved it! We stayed in Kensington which is a very fancy area.

On the Friday night we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which is one big fairground ride! Everything was so cool, we went on an ice-slope, lots of rides and into an ice-sculpture place which was A-MA-ZING. Lots of people had won toys and some of them were really big – the best ones were Huskies, and I won a dog with a Santa hat.

On Saturday morning we went ice skating at Somerset House. Ice skating was sooooo fun! Apart from I couldn’t teach Caitlyn how to do it, but they had red things that you could hold onto to push yourselves along.

The Mum took us to the Soho House right next to the ice-skating, which was so fun, because we went swimming right on top of the building.

Then we went to Tower Bridge, which is a really famous bridge that you always see in films about London. The most fun bit was at the top where you could walk across glass, which makes you feel like scaredish, even though you know you can’t fall through. They had a special thing on for children and we made paper aeroplanes.

We walked along the river and looked at the Tower of London. Traitors Gate is where people would go into the Tower, from the River Thames.

Then to Oxford Circus to see the amazing Christmas Lights, on Regents Street, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. There were so many people it was crazy! We went to Hamleys which I can only describe as a busy place with OK toys. It’s a very famous shop, but I preferred Liberty. Liberty is where Cruella (when she was called Estella) worked, and that’s my favourite film, plus it’s my Mum’s favourite shop ever. I loved going to Liberty, we bought decorations from the Christmas shop to remember our trip to London by.

One of the really fun things was going in loads of Uber taxis, one of them some of them had seats that faced each other! Everywhere we went we could see amazing Christmas lights. People had to work really hard on them to make them so beautiful.

On Sunday morning we walked past Harrods and Harvey Nichols (my Mum was sad it was closed) but the best shop of all was a sweet shop that had the best sweets ever in my opinion.

We walked to Buckingham Palace which was really big and fancy. We saw the Changing of the Guard, and we saw Prince Andrew driving to the palace to go and see his Mum, the Queen (who we knew was at home because the Union Jack flag was flying). Mum said Prince Andrew is not the best prince, but didn’t explain why.

If you can go to London at Christmas time, you really should go there. If you like shopping, and getting fancy clothes, or good Christmas decorations, and if you love toys (and don’t mind loads of people in a crowd) you should go to Hamleys. It was just the best trip ever!