All the latest inspiration and guidance for help you plan your next family hoilday

Delighting our customers is at the heart of everything we do at tripAbrood. From redesigning the way families book their holiday accommodation to delivering a level of customer service that aims to be world-class.

During lockdown, our mission to delight customers continued in full force and we spent the weeks stuck at home creating activity packs for children to explore different countries from the comfort of their homes. They went down a storm with families saying that the activity packs were some of the best they’d seen and that they helped their children broaden their horizons even if they couldn’t step out of the door.

As we built out our launch website, we wanted to continue to help families develop a deeper level of understanding about cultures as they started being able to travel to different places again. So with that in mind, we’ve expanded our concept of cultural activity packs into a resource that parents can use with their children as they start looking forward to visiting the world again. When you book some of our popular destinations, you will be able to download our activity packs full of pre trip inspiration, as well as activities for your kids to do whilst they are on holiday. We hope this gives you all a whole new perspective on how many amazing things there are to do with your children as you start exploring the world afresh.

Introducing tripAbrood’s in trip packs! Live now for Rome, Edinburgh & Prague.

Here’s an overview of what they look like:

The pack is split into 6 sections:

  • Get ready
  • History
  • Taste
  • Explore
  • Talk
  • Immersive

Get Ready

Learn more about where you are travelling to, how long it will take you to get there and some of the well known landmarks you might see during your trip. This section is full of interactive activities like measuring distances, crossword puzzles and learning facts.


Read all about the history of the destination you are visiting. Your kids will be asked to find out historical facts both in advance of their trip and whilst they are there to expand their own understanding of the amazing stories behind the most visited destinations in the world.


It’s never too early to start getting your palette ready for the culinary experiences you’ll have during your trip. Learn all about the typical food you might get to eat and prepare yourself for the feasts to come!


Learn how to draw the country flag, write a postcard to your friends, work out time zone differences and read up about some of the best places to visit with your family.


Practice some key phrases in the local language that will help you whilst you travel around and will certainly make the locals appreciate the effort you are putting into learning their language!


Immerse yourself in the local culture and history by trying out new activities. This section will help with ideas on what to do when you are on your holiday - a ready made itinerary to keep all the family happy!

All of this you can get for free when you book a hotel with tripAbrood. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences using these packs and we hope they make your next trip-a-brood a totally magical experience.

Love the tripAbrood team x