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Dubai is fast becoming the most popular destination in the world. And for families, there is almost an endless amount of activities to do for children of all ages.

But one lesser known fact about Dubai is that it has a cultural epicentre, a part of Dubai where the old world still exists giving a lens into the origins of Dubai before it grew to the incredible destination it is today.

On a recent trip to Dubai, we took time to explore Old Dubai. I can say it's well worth the trip along with your kids for a number of reasons I share below:

1. Shop in the Gold Souk:

If you are looking for jewellery for yourself or a gift for your children, the Gold Souk won't disappoint. Remember to haggle as the starting price is never the price they are willing to sell at. I left with a beautiful pair of gold earrings for my ten year old daughter.

Photo Credit to Alexa Barker

2. Visit the Arabian Tea House

A short taxi ride from the Gold Souk is the Arabian Tea House, the first Emirati restaurant opening in 1997. It is one of the few examples of the Old Dubai left. Not only is it a wonderful experience to sit inside with the traditional tableware and seating, but the food is literally out of this world. It was honestly the best meal we had in Dubai. From mint tea, to fresh hummus and homemade bread, it's the perfect pit stop if you want an afternoon snack, or for a main meal in the day.

Photo credit to Alexa Barker

3. Take a boat trip across the river

Around the corner from the Arabian Tea House is the Dubai Bay which is the river that separates the old and new Dubai. We took a water taxi over to the new Dubai and it was such an experience. The boat ride only takes a few minutes but you really feel like you are experiencing the transition from the old world and arriving in the new world. A great excursion for the whole family.

Photo credit to Alexa Barker

4. The Old Dubai within the New Dubai

If you also want to experience a more luxurious version of Old Dubai, you can look no further than Souk Al Bahar next to the Dubai Fountains. We got a taxi from the other side of the Creek which took around 20 minutes. Souk Al Bahar has some wonderful rug shops (I was guilty of buying one on my last trip in February). It is also the home to the fabulous Time Out Market. I highly recommend seeing the Fountain show from the balcony of the Time Out Market. Absolutely unforgettable.

Photo credit to Alexa Barker

If you are interested to explore more about Dubai's heritage, head here for more inspiration.