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This half term we did a house swap with a lovely family who live just outside Cambridge in a village called Histon. It was really nice to be in someone else’s home (it was sooo nice and big) though my Mum says she is looking forward to a proper holiday staying in a hotel!

Cambridge is a really nice city. It has lovely museums, loads of stuff to do, and is really pretty.

It’s a lot smaller than London but it has its own version of the London Eye.

My favourite thing about Cambridge is the sweet shops. Hardy’s is full of sweet jars, and Wildred’s has all kinds of sweets like Nerds, big chocolates and big cups of sweets.

In the middle of Cambridge there is a big market with lots of stalls selling all kinds of different things to eat. I went to a waffle shop and I LOVED it!

We went to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens which Mum said would be good for a walk but I preferred the sweet shops to be honest. I saw Redwood trees and learned that they can live up to 3000 years. And I also saw an apple tree that was grown from an apple that fell from the tree that helped Issac Newton discover gravity, when an apple fell on his head.

We visited Kettle’s Yard, which I thought would be really boring but it was so interesting! It’s the house of an artist who lived a long time ago, and has lots of different things to look at inside. I asked lots of questions and took lots of interesting photos.

The village we stayed in, Histon, is a beautiful village. There is a bridge and a pond where there are SO MANY ducks. Loads of white ducks, a white duck with brown goldeny feathers, and one that was HILARIOUS. It looked like a turkey without a tail that had been turned into a duck!

When we were on holiday we talked about Christmas and our favourite film Elf. And we had the idea to go to New York for Christmas, using my prize from tripAbrood. I am really looking forward to it and will take lots of photos!

In the meantime, I hope you like my review of Cambridge.

Author: Wren, Aged 9 at the time of writing and tripAbrood's Chief Kids Officer.