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In honour of Black History Month, here at tripAbrood have decided to make our South Africa activity pack available to download again for a limited time.

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What you'll find in this pack 😀

Our pack is chock full of amazing things to keep your kids entertained for hours, and it's pretty fun for mum and dad too...

We'll take you through the history of South Africa, where you can find the country and how to say a few simple Zulu words. There are also some incredible recipes for famous South African dishes that will get the whole family's mouths watering. If that's not enough, we'll give you the chance to strut your stuff on the catwalk when you make a traditional Sesotho skirt.

Why did we build this pack?

As the Black Lives Matter movement gained traction earlier this year, we took the time to listen to their stories and further our own education at tripAbrood. But we wanted to do something more, something to help families begin a meaningful discussion around this often difficult topic within their home. We decided to create an activity pack for South Africa, a country with such a rich history and culture. This pack will transport your children to South Africa from the comfort of their homes, and give them hours of fun exploring all the wonderful crafts, recipes and languages that make South Africa so magical.

To download our South Africa pack just fill in your details below. We'll also instantly send you a copy of the South Africa activity pack to your email.