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The Dutch are well known for their sweet tooth. Superstar desserts such as appletart (apple pie), stroopwafels and, of course, pancakes are all so much better when eaten in their native home. We’ll tell you 5 of the best places to try some amazing desserts so you can keep your family energised as you explore all that Amsterdam has to offer.

1. Winkel 43

Source: Winkel 43

This is the must visit place to have real authentic appletart (apple pie). Forget what you think you know about apple pies as none of them will come close to the amazing rich buttery flavour you get from a filled to the brim apple pie from Winkel 43. There is always a queue, but it’s short and moves very quickly so there’ll be no restless feet from your brood as you wait to taste this amazing dessert.

You can find Winkel 43 here.

2. Original Stroopwafels

Source: Original Stroopwafels

I became addicted to stroopwafels as a child when I lived in Holland and I’m still addicted now. Every trip to Lidl will see me sneakily put a bag in my basket. If you want to savour the taste of a truly authentic Dutch dessert, then make the trip to Original Stroopwafels. These wafer cookies with a caramel filling are not to be missed.

You can find Original Stroopwafels here.

3. Van Stapele

Source: Van Stapele

Van Stepele set out with a mission: create the perfect cookie. To ensure that they never compromise on quality they only bake one cookie – a Valrhona cookie with a gooey white chocolate filling. The cookies are freshly baked throughout the day so you can always be sure you’ll be eating a fresh one. They can sell out before the end of the day so make sure you don’t put this place last on your list of your day’s activities. If you don't want to miss out you can always phone ahead to make sure they still have some.

You can find Van Stapele here.

4. Sweet Bob

Source: Sweet Bob

This dessert has no connections with Holland at all but shouldn’t stop you from trying it. Sweet Bob sell Brazilian brigadeiro’s, which are a version of a chocolate truffle. Their flavours change daily but you’ll be sure the whole family will find a one they like. It’s only a 3 minute walk from Winkel 43 so if you’re not too full from the appletart then pop into this place whilst you’re nearby.

You can find Sweet Bob here.

5. The Pancake Boat

Source: Pannenkoekenboot Amsterdam

All-you-can-eat pancakes! Need I say anymore. Hop aboard the famous pannenkoekenboot for an all-you-can-eat feast of pancakes whilst you and the family take in the sites of Amsterdam from the water. You’ll have 75 minutes to eat as many pancakes as you can – who will be victorious? Make sure you book your tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

You can find the Pancake Boat here.