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At tripAbrood, we know that children are naturally curious about the world and love learning about different cultures and people. So, inspiring a love of travel in children and making every family holiday an opportunity for discovery is at the heart of what we do.

Every time you book accommodation with tripAbrood, your family will receive an award-winning Arrive Like a Local activity pack for your kids. These packs are specific to your destination and will help your children learn all about it through recipes, crafts, activity sheets and more – all before you even leave your house. Plus, there are some sections that can only be completed while you're travelling to your destination or once you've arrived.

The packs will keep your children excited and engaged in learning about your destination from the moment you book all the way through to the end of your trip. When you arrive, you’ll have your own mini tour guide, ready to show you the ropes!

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What’s in our Arrive Like a Local activity packs?

Every pack is made up of the following sections:

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