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For most parents living through lockdown, the most memorable moment probably came on March 18th 2020 when Boris Johnson announced that all schools will be closed from the following day. Parents started to realise that on top of learning to adapt to working from home they would soon be responsible for entertaining and educating their kids.

Life at tripAbrood was no different. With our co-founders Alexa and Ketan both having young children, we were all too aware of the challenges parents would face. As we began to operate in this extremely strange version of normal, having our zoom calls interrupted with shouts of ‘Mum!’ soon became the norm. The school work they were being sent wasn’t keeping them occupied for long enough, an issue millions of parents were facing. We wanted to find a way as a family travel brand that we could help. That’s when we had our lightbulb moment - just because people couldn’t leave their homes, it didn’t mean they couldn’t travel around the globe from the comfort of their living room. And so our activity packs were born.

We wanted the packs to feel very different from school work, a mixture of playing and education so kids would be excited to learn about new countries and their cultures. We thought about the different touchpoints that you experience when on a holiday that help to make it unique and from this three of our sections were created: ‘Taste’ to allow families to try cooking recipes from the country, ‘Talk’ to learn a few of our favourite words in the local language and ‘Creative’ which provided a more active way to involve children in the culture. Then just one question remained, where in the world was this country? We wanted to encourage kids to get a world map out and start exploring and so our final section was decided - ‘Explore’.

We decided to start with New Zealand, mainly because I had just come back from travelling around New Zealand, where I’d spent a month living with my husband in a camper van (it made quarantining in our flat seem super spacious). From a brainstorm on a zoom call to a week later seeing our first completed pack was amazing. We had a pack that took kids on a journey to New Zealand as they explored Maori traditions, designed their own Maori mask, learnt to cook some hokey pokey plus so much more. The feedback that we received on this first pack, and later ones, really reassured us that we were on the right track as both children and their parents loved learning about each new country. Realising lockdown was going to last for a good few months, we began releasing new activity packs every week.

By signing up to our mailing list, the latest pack was delivered to their inbox every week. Since then, we've taken families on a journey involving everything from making sushi to learning how to hula dance. We’ve loved exploring New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Japan, Greece, Iceland, Thailand, Hawaii and the Netherlands with you all.

We're delighted that over the past few months, we were able to help so many families travel the world without leaving their home. Our Greece activity pack was even featured in the Daily Mail - giving us an opportunity to expand our reach even further! As a small start-up it’s humbling to know what we’re doing has had a positive impact on so many families during this difficult time. We've had such lovely reviews on trust pilot from all of you. They never cease to make us smile and keep us motivated.

If you've enjoyed our packs, we'd love to hear from you too!

I only heard about tripAbrood during lockdown. The weekly activity packs was one of those positive things that involve all family. They are compound but just the right size to provide the snapshot about different countries: history, art, food, language - just like a virtual trip to that part of the world. The journey starts with the dream, and that is how we felt about those activity packs.

Clare Melton
These are brilliant packs. When we learnt that neither of our children would be returning to school this year, we decided to take an alternative approach to homeschool, and take them on a “world tour” every Friday - these packs have really helped make our trips so far fun, and educational too, and the activities and information cater to both our 11 year old and 8 year old, there’s something in there for everyone. I learn a fair bit too! Thank you Tripabrood for a brilliant resource!

Whilst our family may not be able to travel abroad at the moment, tripAbrood has provided educational, insightful and inspiring worksheets about different countries that our whole family have enjoyed.
We have visited countries from our sofa, bought the food and drink of that week's represented country too, and even tried to get dressed up in traditional clothing!
Thank you!