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After 10 weeks of travelling around the world with you all, we feel like we’ve built an engaged community of families - all eager to learn about different countries and their cultures. The feedback we’ve received on our activity packs has been really overwhelming and we’re delighted to have helped so many families on their journey of discovery.

As the Black Live Matter movement gained traction, we took the time to listen to their stories and further our own education at tripAbrood. But we wanted to do something more, something to help families begin a meaningful discussion around this often difficult topic within their home. If black parents are having discussions about race with their children from a young age, there’s no reason we all shouldn’t be having these discussions too. Having built up interest in our packs, we felt the best way to help begin these conversations was to create a pack based around a country that has struggled with racial issues for many years.

We knew whichever country we settled on, there had to be an authentic voice behind the pack to help us and our readers really understand what life is really like in that country. After a lot of internal discussions, we agreed on South Africa.

Their history is complex, but rather than shy away from it, we realised this was exactly why we needed to begin conversations. We decided to engage with Zanele Wiseman to help write this pack. Growing up as a Black South African, she has given us an insight into life in South Africa, while also sharing her own story and celebrating her culture with us.

You can listen to Zanele discussing our pack here.

We worked closely with Zanele to ensure the content was accurate whilst also being able to show her perspective on the situation. We hope you find it interesting learning about South Africa through this pack and enjoy celebrating Zanele’s favourite parts of her culture with us.

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