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Spending time in Prague but want to go somewhere the kids will love? Prague has a great selection of family friendly activities, we're sure you're going to find something the whole family will enjoy on this list.

1. Czech Repubrick​

Every kid loves playing with Lego and seeing how big a creation they can make. At Czech Repubrick you can watch their jaw drop as they stare at hundreds of monuments made from Lego in the largest museum in the world dedicated to Lego! Would you believe the exhibit uses 2.9 tons of Lego and took 1,885 days to build!

2. Prague Venice Boat Tour


This 45 minute boat tour aboard a vintage wooden riverboat will get you up close and personal to the old waterways of Prague. As well as seeing who can spot the most swans, you'll cruise under the famous Charles Bridge and get to know the city from an entirely different perspective. You'll get breathtaking pictures aplenty plus free drinks and ice cream to make this memorable trip even more unforgettable.

3. Stromovka Park

If you just want to let the kids run around and let off some steam, this park is the perfect place. It’s the largest park in Prague and is very well equipped for kids, with a climbing frame, zip line and model tram. There’s also a great cafe right next to the playground so you can get a nice coffee whilst the kids play.

4. Papilonia

If you love butterflies, this is the place for you. There’s over 600 exotic species of butterflies who call Papilonia’s 150m² butterfly house their home. If you’re lucky you might see the butterflies hatching from their cocoons and taking their first flight!

5. Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall was originally a mural of John Lennon painted by an art student. Graffiti covers every inch of the wall, with new artists constantly painting over the old work so it’s always changing. It’s definitely something different that the kids will love! It’s now become an icon of peace, freedom and love.

6. Water zorbing


Kids bored of walking on land? Why not try walking on water! In Prague’s Old Town center, rent a zorbing bubble and walk as far as you can, the kids will love it!