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Prague is home to some very unusual pieces of sculpture and oddities from its history. As you wander around the city with your family, try and keep an eye out for these as they will certainly get your kids imaginations racing whilst they learn more about this historic place.

1. Quo Vadis


Yes, your eyes aren’t broken. It’s a car with legs! One of David Černý’s many sculptures you can find throughout Prague, this one depicts an iconic East German Trabant with four human legs. It was created as tribute to the many East Germans who travelled and sought asylum at the West German embassy in 1989. You can find this incredible sculpture in the garden of Prague’s Federal German Republic Embassy.

2. R2-D2 of Prague


For all you Star Wars fans out there, this is a must to track down. A troupe of unknown street artists transformed a ventilation shaft of a bunker beneath the Folimanka Park into R2-D2. The street artists went above and beyond creating this homage to a Star Wars fan favourite by adding in concrete pieces to the side of the dome to create R2’s arms.

3. Man Hanging Out


Another of David Černý’s creations. You may need to double take when you spot this one as it’s not a man hanging on for dear life, but a sculpture of Sigmund Freud dangling over the cobbled streets of Prague’s Old Town. This piece has toured the world from London to Michigan, but is now back in Prague for all to spot.

4. The Thief's Arm at Kostel Sv. Jakuba Vetsiho


This one is not for the faint of heart. As legend dictates, an unfortunate thief lost his arm as he was apprehended by the statue of the Virgin Mary when he tried to steal her jewels. The parishioners couldn’t free his arm so they had to amputate it. This mummified arm has hung for 400 years by a meat hook in the church of St. James the Greater ever since.

5. Frank Kafka's Head


It’s clear you can’t take more than a few steps in Prague without seeing one of David Černý’s sculptures and we have another for you spot as you meander the old streets of this historic city. Each of the 42 different layers of this mirrored, mechanised head rotate meaning his full face is only visible for a few seconds at a time. It’s an incredibly poignant tribute to this brilliant mind and incredibly fun to watch with your kids.